New research center will take an open view

Call it a skunkworks, or maybe a science think tank. Whatever you call it, Pytech is proud to once again invest in research not for an immediate monetary gain, but purely for the future knowledge potential.

Based in our Twin Cities complex the center’s initial focus will be in expanding Pytech’s research into stasis technology. Where traditional approaches have attempted to mimic or control real-world examples from plants and animals, the new lab broadens that view and considers the theoretical underpinnings of the topic.

In the future the center is expected to explore sub-nano structures, and kelp engineering, among other topics.

“Vastly ambitious, interdisciplinary, high-risk projects like this are what this center was designed to do,” says Dr. Martha Nemosyne, the center’s inaugural director. “Up to now, advances like these have been limited to the realm of science fiction. We aim to change that by approaching these problems from many angles, new angles, with new tools, and tools used in new ways.”

Long term the work done in Dr. Nemosyne’s lab could have significant implications in fields ranging from healthcare to archivism.