Pytech leadership to speak at upcoming global summit

COO David Lou, Science Director Ava Bagley, and board chair emeritus Lady Djamila Brooks are each slated to present at next month’s Robertson Forum in Sydney. The theme of this year’s gathering is ‘Making More Time’. The week-long event culminates with a keynote address from Dr. Brian Cox.

“The Robertson Forum remains the single best opportunity Pytech has each year to understand how – and in many ways why – we fit into global trends, certainly, but much more importantly how we can shape those trends, and how we have already shaped them, and how we are shaping them now,” says Lou.

Lou is part of Wednesday’s popular Operational Oversight roundtable. Dr. Bagley will discuss Pytech’s research in the stasis arena. Lady Brooks will interview French president Emmanuel Macron regarding their shared interest in labor movements.